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Bad Debt Collections Management


Through our network of partners we are able to provide collection services to improve cash flow and customer relationships at each stage of the revenue cycle. The solutions utilize advanced technology applications to maximize recoveries. We offer a comprehensive range of services and customized programs, including:


Early Out Healthcare Receivables Collections

Serving as an extension of your business, HealthTech Receivables Management provides quality collection solutions to keep costs down, free up internal resources, and to improve your company focus. First party contact for recently delinquent accounts reduce the accounts charged off while retaining your patients.


Pre-Charge Off and Post-Charge Off Healthcare Collections

Our agency's first-party and third-party programs solicit immediate payment from seriously delinquent consumers and businesses. Applying Minimum Account Resolution Standards (MARS) to accounts, we incorporate dunning letters and calling campaigns, skip tracing, credit bureau reporting, and automated
follow-up to collect all portfolios, including primary, secondary and qualified tertiary placements.


HTRM assists in retaining patients while reducing charge-off. Our clients experience increased cash flow and reduced operating costs with our expertise in pre-charge off and post-charge off programs.


Litigation and Legal Network Services

HTRM provides a single point of contact for a network of collection attorneys across the country with the Legal Network of Services. Utilizing our network of law firms we simplify the management of legal recourse and enable our clients to recover more debt, faster than traditional methods.


HTRM's comprehensive and specialized legal recovery programs include:

  • Attorney network collections

  • Pre-litigation collections

  • Bankruptcy recovery programs

  • Litigation collections including post judgment programs

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