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CPT Coding


Proper billing and coding practice can make the financial well-being of a medical practiceProper billing and coding practices can make or break the financial well-being of a medical practice. Understanding the rules that pertain to billing and coding can increase the revenue generated for your practice and can alleviate concerns regarding level of service requirements. HealthTech can help ensure that you are using the medical coding strategies you need to collect every reimbursement penny you deserve!

CPT Code Verification is included in our contingency rate and only Certified procedural coders (CPC'S) will review codes on insurance claims

CPT Code Verification process includes:

  • 100% Review of coding by certified procedure coders
  • Secured electronic communication for coding review documents
  • Direct access to coders for questions
  • Communication to physicians of CMS coding updates
  • Tracking of accession numbers to reconcile all cases have been received for billing and collections
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