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infrastructure utilizing the HITECH/HIPAA security compliance act

Medical Billing and Collection Services

HealthTech Receivables Management specializes in the billing and collections of medical accounts receivables nationwide. Our management expertise includes experience not only with physician side, but also in providing institutional billing. We have worked with surgery centers, hospitals and laboratories. Some key highlights of our system capabilities are listed below:

Billing and Collection System

  • Built on Microsoft Technology
  • Designed by Healthcare Industry Experts
  • Enhancement Input from HealthTech team members
  • Separate Patient Database

Fully Integrated Claims Editing and Submission

  • Front End Edits
    • Bundling Requirements
    • LCD and NCD Edits
    • Payer Specific Edits
  • Electronic Submission
  • ICN tracked on account as proof of timely claim submission
  • Claim Adjudication Data at account level

Uninsured and Underinsured Collections

  • Patient Statements
  • Automated Dialing & Dialer Messaging
  • Negotiate Payment Arrangements
  • Capable of accepting payments via web

Special Revenue Projects

  • A/R Review and Cleanup projects
  • Large Payor specific claims dispute projects

Security and Compliance

  • Our technology infrastructure has been built utilizing required security standards provided by the HITECH/HIPAA Act in order to ensure protection of patient health information.
  • Required implementation of site to site encrypted tunnel for assured secure data transmissions between our location and client’s location.
  • Safeguarded hospital access for verification of patient demographics and patient results.
  • Regulated employee access to client’s information systems.
  • Capable of receiving HL7 data formats for all types of patient level records from multiple client systems.
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